Effective, Dynamic, Interactive

And easy to use interface.


ExeBoard was designed by Board members, based on their own personal needs. Our features help you ensure order, communication, effective meetings, avoid time wasting,  adequate oversight, accountability and compliance. Check some of our core features below.



Go beyond with our Interactive Agenda.

Deep dive into each point and assign a leader, set a time limit, upload relevant documents and invite outside contributors.

Lead Dynamic Meetings.

  • Take notes per agenda point.
  • Easily view files.
  • Create Resolutions.
  • Vote in real time.
  • Assign tasks.
  • Track time.
  • Synchronize screen across devices.

Ensure Compliance.

Our automatic minute generator records what happened during a meeting (attendance, notes, votes, resolutions) and creates minutes that are easy to edit and share.

Promote Accountability.

  • Assign tasks during and after a meeting.
  • Alerts for due dates on tasks and upcoming meetings.
  • Task follow-up as a pre-determined agenda point.
  • Personal and updated calendar.

Customize your Board.

  • Easily add board members.
  • Set permissions according to each member´s position.
  • Create committees.
  • TRACK progress: generate reports (usage, attendance, meetings, etc.) and evaluate performance across boards, committees and directors.

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